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  James Scott
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      Seahawks themed body paint
                              Body paint:
            James Scott & Sprinkles Carrillo
                     Model: Elisa Esqueda
                  Photographer and Editor:
                             James Scott
                    HMUA: Sprinkles Carrillo

Body paint: James Scott, Model: Christina E. Velasco, Photographer: Turlie Luis
                                              Photo editing: James Scott
Two different Jesica Rabbit models
Nicole Kitchi and Dani May Red
Model Calista Marie in body painted lingerie which includes painted gloves and stalkings.
My first body paint, (not a tattoo.) Pre-Tattoo and body paint.
I used to paint cars and bikes before getting into tattoos. Here is some of my work.
Dale Chihuly's famous glass sculpture. I reproduced on his Ferrari.
Yup! I did a lot of flames back in the day
Painted this 68 Firebird day after 911. I already had the fabricated bird beak on the front, for a planned Firebird theme. However, after the towers were attacked, I felt the need to change the design.
 ( Yep! this is the car Mike Levallee referred to as the chicken car)
Child labor was legal back then. (I think) Here are my kids, helping me with one the the custom sculptures that sat outside the stadium during the Olympic game in Canada. (These two are almost done with college now, boy time sure flys.)
Ninja Turtles on 64 impala owned by which NFL player? 
   A few trophies from doing car shows one year. Over the 25 years building and painting custom cars. My work has won over 2000 awards and trophies. Including 3 Chrysler choice awards. 
    Sounds more impressive then it is, as I didn't personally get all the awards myself. My customers got the awards with my work. Also, many of those customers would get dozens of Trophies from different shows every show season. Some customers would even get 100 awards or more with the same car.
                Definitely sounds better to just say I have won over 2000 awards and trophies LOL. Though at the time I was so confident my work would win awards, I guaranteed it.   My catch phrase was "Not just show quality, Award winning show quality!"                                                                 A lot to live up too and it certainly had its share stresses. As does tattooing or body paint in that they each have their own set of stresses. In many ways, I would say Tattooing is the most stressful. As you deal with a lot more people on a daily, have to be able to read peoples minds, have to deal with assholes more often. You can not really mess up like on cars which you can fix and redo your mistakes. You are stuck finishing your work in one sitting many times. While art on cars you can take a break any time you want and come back to it whenever you want. Tattoo clients don't like it when I get up and leave in the middle of a tattoo, to go out to eat with friends, or go see a movie. It takes a while to get used too. Not to mention Tattoo artists typically have to work nights and weekends. So they end up missing out on a lot of family stuff.          ( Me personally, no longer do tattoos on weekends. Just not worth it.)
Below are some banners and murals I did around the city of Tacoma back in the mid 90's. Many of the banners are still hanging up on poles today. Which is ironic since the city decided to hire others to do banners after complaining I charged too much, even though I volunteered to do all the banners, and just charged them cost of materials. Karma is a bitch as the other banner companies ended up costing the city more. AND, to top it off no one else's banners lasted more then a year. So had to be replaced annually until funding was cut. Meanwhile 25 years later, my banners are still up. Haha 
More random pics from a long time ago
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